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Smart Way to Interact

Headlong Smart Interaction Service is an elegant way to create live interaction with audiences in any situation: meeting, conference, party, team event, keynote speech, radio, tv, print, on the street - anytime - anywhere.

Our customers love our straightforward service and our global reach of approx. 4.5 billion people (over 90% of global mobile subscribers).

Easy to Use

Using Headlong Smart Interaction service is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Setup your interaction in the Web-based Headlong Smart Interaction Service or let our Service Center create one for you.
  2. Activate your audience to interact. Participants use their mobile phones to interact. The interaction is done by sending and receiving text messages (SMS).
  3. Access the results in real time anywhere on the Web.
No installations are needed. A basic web browser is all that is needed to manage Interactions. Participants can take part into the Interactions with very basic mobile phones.

Branching SMS Interactions

Branching Interaction means that the Interaction can have different outcomes based on the input from a participant. Every input from participant is analyzed and the Interaction flow is adjusted accordingly.

Branching SMS Interactions make Headlong Smart Interaction Service ideal for sophisticated two-way communication purposes.

Headlong Smart Interactions make it easy to create fun and attractive dialogues for live interaction, opinion polls, opt-in marketing, research, and sales purposes.

All this in combination with our global reach and our ability to interact with virtually all mobile phones in the world make us one Very Smart Interaction Service.

Start to Interact in a Smart Way

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